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Interested in rating sacred beasts yugioh?

Particulary I like the first site but other sites are informative as well, so if you have interest in rating sacred beasts yugioh you should check all those links. I hope you'll like them.


William said...

Good blog

2008 May 07 12:43  
Helen said...

Great sites. thanks

2008 Apr 30 05:31  
Jennifer said...

Thanks for excellent sites

2008 Apr 26 06:37  
Sandra said...

I like your comments, great links

2008 Apr 23 10:04  
John said...

I like the first site

2008 Apr 23 00:39  

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2008 Apr 16 04:42

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2008 Apr 11 17:06

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2008 Apr 05 21:30

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2008 Mar 29 10:03

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2008 Mar 23 13:37

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